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Assessment of digital image correlation measurement accuracy in the ultimate error regime: improved models of systematic and random errors [Article ACL] 2018
Structuring humanitarian supply chain knowledge through a meta-modeling approach [Livre / Chapitre] 2018
Global optimization of solar power tower systems using a Monte Carlo algorithm: Application to a redesign of the PS10 solar thermal power plant [Article ACL] 2018
H2S removal from syngas using wastes pyrolysis chars [Article ACL] 2018
Study of an unstructured integrated solar captor - thermal storage for CSP [Article ACL] 2017
Treatment of municipal wastewater with calcium phosphate: a new physicochemical purification step [Article ACL] 2017
Mechanochemical synthesis and biological evaluation of novel isoniazid derivatives with potent antitubercular activity [Article ACL] 2017
Détection et caractérisation de défauts de surface par analyse des nuages de points 3D fournis par un scanner [Article ACL] 2017
Encapsulation technologies for modifying food performance [Livre / Chapitre] 2016 NEW
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Echangeur thermique à plaques incluant un dispositif d'évaluation de son état d'encrassement = Plate heat exchanger e.g. gas/gas plate heat exchanger, for e.g. chemical industry, has sensor evaluating clogging state of fluid circuits, and including thermocouples for measuring temperature at close proximity of electric resistor [Brevet] 31/08/2007
FR2897930 déposé le 28 février 2006, publié le 31 août 2007
WO2007099240 déposé 29 janvier 2007, publié le 7 septembre 2007
EP1989530 déposé le 29 janvier 2007, publié le 11 octobre 2007
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